Saturday, March 8, 2008

Yay for us!

Almost a year ago now, pharmacists in Alberta were granted limited prescribing rights. The newest milestone was reached recently when 15 Alberta pharmacists were granted the right to prescribe initial therapy. This is when the pharmacist assesses a patient and can then start new medications, change existing medications, or adjust dosages. Of course this new privilege is extended only to those competent enough to exercise it responsibly, and so the procedure to obtain the right to prescribe in this fashion is arduous, as it should be. But still, it is a huge step forward. Check out the article from the Edmonton Journal to read more. The two pharmacists featured, Dr. Nese Yuksel and Dr. Christine Hughes were professors of mine in pharmacy school. They both have Pharm.D.'s, an advanced degree making them Doctors of Pharmacy. Dr. Yuksel specializes in women's health and Dr. Hughes in HIV/AIDS. They are by far two of the most brilliant and professional pharmacists I have had the pleasure to meet. And I was blessed enough to benefit from their remarkable teaching skills. Way to go!

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andi said...

Wow. I suppose you're all drunk with almighty power now, huh? Hook a sister up.