Monday, March 31, 2008

Give 'em the boot

Due to the pure genius of a law professor at the University of Ottawa, Michael Geist, you can now get rid of some of those pesky telemarketers. Mr. Geist got sick of waiting for the politicians to finalize the do-not-call legislation on the table in Ottawa so decided to setup You see, even when the legislation is complete, numerous organizations will be exempt from it. This website allows you to prevent these exempted organizations from contacting you in the future. All you do is register with the website, provide some basic information like e-mail address and phone number, and then create your own personal do-not-call list. The website then sends a request to the organizations on your behalf that they no longer contact you. And apparently, by law, if you request that they no longer contact you, they must abide by your wishes. Every time a new organization is added to the lists, the site will e-mail you to review the organization and choose if you would like to block them. Or you can ask it to automatically block all new organizations. Genius. No more phone calls from CIBC asking if I would like another credit card.

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