Thursday, March 13, 2008

No balls

So it's official: the Liberal party is an eunuch. Even though Stephen Harper currently leads a Conservative-heavy minority government in the Canadian House of Commons, it is only a minority government in name. In reality, Harper leads a comfortable majority due to the complete absence of intestinal fortitude in the Official Opposition. Just as I mused, the Harper government introduced a motion that would force the Liberals to either support the RESP bill put forth by one of their own and force an election, or to vote for the amendment motion and destroy a bill they had just unanimously supported only days ago. And just as I suspected, the gutless Dionites either supported the amendment or wasted our money and abstained.

Essentially, until Dion is out of the leader's chair and out of crushing debt, the Harperites will continue relentlessly pushing their agenda as though leading a majority government. And for all intents and purposes they are. With the Liberal party essentially a colossal waste of space and money, there are 208 MPs in the House. The Conservatives have 126 MPs and so effectively have a majority. The sad thing is that had the Liberals voted against the amendment and fought an election on this bill, they may have narrowly won and we could have rid ourselves of Harper. But instead, they ran like cowards into the hills and have now effectively eliminated any political goodwill they may have had remaining after the Chretien-Martin years. Good luck convincing Canadians to ever vote your sorry asses into office again.


andi said...

No one uses the phrase "intestinal fortitude" as well as you. :) I'd comment on the rest of the post, but I'm not sure I fully understand it (you know, mommy brain and all). Does this mean that the RESP's won't be tax deferred? If so, I'm pissed.

Stephanie said...

Rick Mercer did a wonderful musical number about the Liberal party's "skills" as the official opposition. On February 25, episode 16. Called "we're adaptable". If you didn't see it, check out his video archives.