Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Joy of Travel

I spent the entire drive to Edmonton yesterday painstakingly plotting which restaurants we will be eating at for each day of our trip. I take foodcations very seriously. 

Today we said a tearful "see you soon" to our kids. They will be just fine, what with all the grandparent induces spoilage. And we will do fine. What with all the lovely food, beautiful scenery, and our first extended period of alone time since we got married 12 ½ years ago. 

If you live in Edmonton and need to travel to the airport, consider the 747 bus. You get to the Century Park LRT station at 23rd ave and 111th St. $5 cash each and you are out there in 15-20 minutes. No worrying about parking and they drop you off right at the front door. 

Travel through security was relatively eventless. It was of course full of the typical people who stand in line for fifteen minutes to be suddenly surprised that they have to empty their pockets, take off their shoes, etc. YOU HAD 15 MINUTES!!! COME ON PEOPLE!!

Then we went to the wonderful VIP lounge. We have a BMO World Elite MasterCard. It gives us four free entries to VIP lounges in airports all over the world annually. It is pretty sweet. Full buffet and up to four free drinks. They even make cappuccinos. And plug ins at every seat to charge your phone! 

It was pretty full because the fuelers are on strike at Pearson in Toronto so over 100 flights have been cancelled, many of which affected Edmonton traffic. But not ours! Direct flight baby!

Well, boarding starts in 5 minutes. Will update everyone again at supper time tomorrow, Reykjavik time. It's six hours ahead of Alberta time. 

Bon voyage!

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