Sunday, July 5, 2015

T Minus Two Days

We spent most of Canada Day packing and prepping for our trip. Tomorrow after work we will leave for Edmonton, where the kids will stay for the first half of our trip. For the second half they'll be with Sarah's parents on a surprise vacation. 

I just thought I'd post today because we got our Icelandic kronur from the bank and, well, it just looks cool. Kees thinks because the numbers are so big that Icelanders are really rich. But it's really because their currency tanked hard in 2008 as their economy was heavily reliant on the financial sector at the time. 

100 kronur is about the same as $1 CDN. I learned last week that using your credit card is definitely preferable to getting out cash. We wanted some cash so did purchase a small amount. But the rest I'm sticking with plastic. 9000 kronur cost $110 CDN. On credit card I could've spent almost 12000 kronur for the same amount of Canadian dollars. Gross. 

Anyways, pretty money below. :-)

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