Saturday, March 28, 2009

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Kids are so adorable. Now that Sacha is talking regularly, there is no end to the cute, hilarious things he says. It has become quite clear from his little show the other day that I have been working too much lately and that I am also hopelessly addicted to coffee.

We have this cat toy that consists of a long thin plastic handle and a long fluffy tail. The idea is that you would hold the handle and wave the tail back and forth in front of the cat to taunt them. Sacha, being the creative boy he is, picked up the toy the other day and wrapped it around his neck and said, "'Dis tie." Sarah said, "Oh, that's a tie?" Sacha: "Yup. Like daddy." (I wear a tie to work most days.) Then Sacha said, "Me go work now." He proceeded to get on his toy car to 'drive' to work.

He suddenly stopped, jumped up quickly, and with a look of sheer concern, stated "Oh no! Coffee! No coffee! Where coffee?" He walked over to one of his plastic cups, grabbed it, took a sip, and said "Ahhh, coffee. Me have coffee now. Me go work now. Bye mommy."

So cute!

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Pharmastudent said...

You need to be careful, if he pretends to golf like you the sparks might cause a fire!