Saturday, March 28, 2009

Genius boy

We have been reading these old books from when Sarah was a little girl called My Bible Friends. It's a series of books with various well known stories from the Bible with really cheesy 70s-era illustrations. Sacha thinks they are the cats pajamas. And even though we've only read some of them for about a week, Sacha surprised us the other night by reading large parts of the story to us.

We have started pausing at the end of a sentence without saying the last word and to our surprise he is often finishing the sentence. So I decided to test him with one of these books. To my complete bewilderment, he knew damn near the whole story! And some really big words too!

For example, we were reading the story called Jesus and the Children, where Jesus shows up at the Temple in Jerusalem to find it's been converted into a marketplace. The narration proceeds as follows, loosely:

Jesus entered the Temple and found the moneychangers selling goods. They were saying:

"Buy cows for your offering. Buy doves for your offering."

I pause.....Sacha says "Buy seep for offewing." (Translated: Buy sheep for your offering.)

He continued to fill in large segments of this story that he had probably only read 10 times at most. He also filled in the word "prophet" in another story.

Then today when he was rough housing with his mommy, he stopped and said "Hosanna to son of David." and then giggled uncontrollably. What a cutie!

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