Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I love Rex Murphy. He is phenomenal. If you don't know him, he does the rants on CBCs the National and also has a radio show on CBC Radio called Cross Country Checkup that I enjoy from time to time. He also writes in the Globe and Mail. He had the following to say about the result of the Conservatives again getting a minority government, thus wasting tons of our money and our time.

(This is roughly what he said, not verbatim.)

Here you had Stephen Harper up against Paul Martin who was widely considered to be an inept leader. He managed a win, but a small one and a minority at that. Then you have him up against Stephane Dion who most people believe makes Paul Martin look like a genius. His support is as low as it possibly can be. Then the economy tanks in the middle of the election, and Stephen Harper is a university educated economist. If after all this, he can still only squeak out a minority, what does that say about his leadership? I think Canadians are saying "Sorry you asked, this is the best we'll give you, now leave us alone."

I love you Rex Murphy.

PS-I believe the leadership of both Stephane Dion and Stephen Harper will be questioned after this election.

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