Tuesday, October 14, 2008

If only

I've heard more than one person state that if only Gilles Duceppe were a federalist, they would vote for him. The Bloq Quebecois mopped up in Quebec tonight, and I must say, I could not be happier, because if it were not for them, Stephen Harper would have a majority. Thank you Quebec. Like M. Duceppe said in his victory speech, democracy won tonight. And even though some may disagree with the validity of the existence of the Bloc Quebecois, obviously the support is there among the people of Quebec. And since Harper blew his face in Quebec, he blew any chance of getting a majority. It was literally the fortress against a Harper majority in this election. Like some commentators have stated, Harper blew his chances of getting a majority for a measly $15 million. When he cut $45 million to the arts, $15 million of those cuts affected Quebec. The Francophone press tore that apart. And then Harper said he would like to lock up 14 year olds for life for violent crimes. While that flies in the West, it does not in Quebec, and you can see the result. And how fickle was Harper's supposed strong support in Quebec that he could be totally shut down over a few minor policy issues?

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