Monday, September 8, 2008

What the frick?

So I can understand why the Green Party of Canada was not included in previous debates. At first, they were not running candidates in every riding. Then even though they were running a full slate, they did not have any sitting MPs. It presented a difficult chicken and egg conundrum, but at least the other parties had some sort of objective standard to fall back on.

Now, the old boys club in Ottawa has prevented the Greens from entering the debates again. Not only are they running a full slate of 306 candidates, but they actually have a sitting MP. Elizabeth May, the popular leader of the Greens, convinced sitting independent MP Blair Wilson to become a Green. This was only a short time ago. So what is the big deal? They are now a legitimate national party. Heck, at their lowest point, the Tories only had 2 seats in the House of Commons and they were still always allowed in the debates.

Who caused this? Well, Harper the baby, for one. He only plays nice if he gets to set the rules, as Andrew Steele of the Globe and Mail stated. For whatever reason, he feels threatened by May and so basically told the broadcasting consortium in charge of running the debate that if they let May attend, he would not show up. What a freakin' baby.

But the thing that depresses me most is that Jack Layton, the leader of the party I support, decided to back Harper. Both of them stated that because Ms. May has shown support for Stephane Dion and the Liberals in the past means that if Dion is in the debate, than by association, Ms. May is represented anyway. What?

No wonder Canadians are cynical. What a joke.

I will still vote, but I am currently reconsidering my support of the NDP due to this ridiculous decision.

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Adrienne said...

I agree with you. Especially due to the fact that if the Bloc, who only have ridings in Quebec are able to be at the debates, than you would think the Green Party who have ridings nation-wide be able to.. Its common sense to me :P