Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not sure where you stand?

I am a self-professed political nerd, and even I find myself a touch bored with this campaign. I would rather the government had stayed in Parliament and worked on finding a solution to the current economic mess in which we find ourselves. However, I'm still following the race, and finding myself for the first time since I was of legal voting age, unsure of who I will vote for. Also, given that I work full-time and help my wife raise two very busy little boys, I do not have time to read party platforms. Luckily, other uber-nerds get paid to do such things and distill out the good stuff. CTV.ca has two great pages, one outlining all campaign promises made so far, and another outlining where each party stands on various issues. You can also do a neat little quiz where you pick which quote you agree with most and after a few quotes, it tells you who you like most. I got Stephane Dion which immediately invalidates the quiz, but it is fun nonetheless.

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