Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Round 3 Predictions

If you haven't noticed already, it seems last year's success may have been a complete fluke (as one would suspect with something so unpredictable as sporting events). At least my original pick for winners of the Cup, the Detroit Red Wings, are still holding strong. Of course, you could have looked at the Las Vegas odds and determined the same thing! Anyways, I got my arse kicked in the 3rd round. I only predicted the DET v COL series correctly and so am now 7 for 12. That's bloody awful. For what it's worth, I'm picking DET and PHI to win the conference finals. We'll see.

By the way, my sparse posting is not due to any sudden lack of interesting things to write, but merely due to a very stressful life. We are trying to sell our house to no avail, our 20 month old is suddenly no longer sleeping, we have a baby on the way in 1 week or sooner, and we are moving in 3 months. So when I actually do have free time, I basically go to sleep.

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