Thursday, April 24, 2008

Second round

The first round was not as successful as last year. In order to match my previous success, I have to be perfect from here on in. Here are the results:
DET v NSH- Predicted DET. DET won.
SJS v CGY- Predicted SJS. SJS won.
MIN v COL- Predicted MIN. COL won.
ANA v DAL- Predicted DAL. DAL won.
MTL v BOS- Predicted MON. MON won.
PIT v OTT- Predicted PIT. PIT won.
WSH v PHI- Predicted WSH. PHI won.
NJD v NYR- Predicted NYR. NYR won.

So of all the series, I only got two wrong, one of which went to a 7th game overtime.

I've given up on predicting the number of games because I got destroyed.

Here are my second round picks.

MTL v PHI: MTL wins
PIT v NYR: NYR win
DET v COL: DET wins
SJS v DAL: SJS wins

Wish me luck!

By the way, I make no guarantees of success, so anyone foolish enough to bet their house on these predictions will be accountable for their own losses. I'm not talking about you Keith. You wouldn't do such a thing.

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