Thursday, February 14, 2008


Without going into details, of the 18 months I have been with my current employer, this week surely ranks as the worst. Long story short, a physician we deal with made a real bonehead decision and caused astronomical chaos and headaches. So it was with great pleasure I witnessed the development of a new habit in our son.

When I come home from work all of my worries melt away because I get to see my beautiful wife and my incredible son. This week was no exception, except now Sacha does this thing that turns my heart into putty. When I walk in the door I can hear him running around being silly. I say "Hello?" and all of a sudden all is still and quiet. Sarah, in French, says "Who's here?". I then here frantic footsteps bounding toward the door. When Sacha comes around the corner and sees daddy in the porch he smiles from ear to ear, falls on the floor in a heap of pure joy and does what can only be described as an epileptic happy dance. It is so adorable. It is like he is just so excited to see me that the only way he can truly express his excitement is by aimlessly flailing his body about in a fit of glee.

The stress and chaos of even the worst day would not stand a chance against such a profuse display of love.


Anonymous said...

Aw, cute!


Anonymous said...

Moments like that makes having children so rewarding! I can just see Sacha rolling around with glee.