Sunday, January 6, 2008

I want it back

Last night I lost two hours of my life to a horrible movie. The trailers had intrigued me, and sure, the book is an American classic, but make no mistake, All The King's Men sucks. If you get through the movie understanding more than 50% of what Sean Penn says, bravo! In order to come across as a passionate orator, Penn decides to take some tips from both Tourette's sufferers and alcoholics. The product can only be described as senseless flailing. And to say the story was disjointed and incomprehensible is like saying bears poop in the woods (or in Charmin-world they poop at the base of trees, well appointed with TP, and followed by a jolly dance). I was so disappointed because with a classic novel as the base and a cast that can only be described as stacked, I had higher hopes. But then The Departed was stacked too, and I thought it was awful. Maybe Cloverfield and all its no namers will surprise me.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you're back! Welcome back to Bloggy Land.

If you are looking for some decent movies, may I recommend Control - still in theatres, but very moving. And I also loved An Unreasonable Man (it's about Ralph Nader - sweet).