Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Deep freeze

So for the first time in my life I saw a weather warning for what is called a "flash freeze". I now know what it feels like.

Yesterday it was 4 degrees Celsius (46F). Today it is -29 degrees Celsius (-20F). Yes, that is a minus sign. There are winds of 80-100km/h (50-62 mph), complete whiteouts from the blowing snow, and up to 15cm (6 inches) of snow in some places.

The lovely part of the flash freeze is that until about 6am this morning, it was still above freezing and was pouring rain. So the roads have a nice thick later of glare ice on them. The driving is treacherous. Every highway out of the city is closed and most of the businesses in town are shut down for the day. Even the doctors offices are closed.

I, however, am still at work. Crap.

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Anonymous said...

Flash freeze? That sounds insane. And I thought our weather sucked - at least we can still drive (well, sort of).