Saturday, May 26, 2007


Further to my worm poop post, I thought I would quickly comment on the wasteful use of water in Timmins. First of all, Timmins city council is to blame for providing water to citizens at a flat rate regardless of use. However, just because you are paying for it, does not mean you need to get your money’s worth. Water is a precious natural resource and should be conserved as best as possible. Timmins residents obviously do not understand this. My neighbors water the road more often than I water my lawn. They wash their driveway with their garden hose instead of using a push broom. They put the water on in the heat of the day and leave it on much longer than necessary. Just for your information, all you need is 1 inch of water on your lawn and garden PER WEEK! At the rate of water flow coming from my garden hose, I can get that in one hour. That’s right. One hour of watering per week. Besides, by watering less versus more, you force your plants to dig their roots deep, creating strong, vibrant, and hardy plants. If you water too much, the root structure remains close to the surface, and plants do not do as well. I tell ya, if everyone used as much water as my neighbor, we’d run out pretty darn quick.

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