Saturday, July 20, 2013

The shark wrangler

Good for you. You wrangled a shark onto land just to let it go and then bask in the ensuing web-fame. Of course he's a hero because, you know, sharks kill people, right? About six per year worldwide. The annual killing scoreboard looks like this. Humans 100 000 000: Sharks 6.

But they are the most deadly animal on earth right? Wrong. Mosquitoes, hippos, deer, bees, dogs, ants, jellyfish, cows, horses, spiders, and rattlesnakes kill more people every year.

Well it's not like he was clubbing a baby seal. But while harp seals may be cute, they are not classified as vulnerable as sandbar sharks are (the species Mr. Manly McFamous wrangled). In fact, harp seals are classified as "Least Concern", the same conservation category as humans

We should shun this behaviour, not glorify it. 

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