Sunday, February 19, 2012

Slowest cinnamon buns EVER!!!!!

On Thursday morning as I watched the kids while my wife was in surgery, I decided to make cinnamon buns for when she got home. The recipe usually takes about 5 hours from mixing to completion but it is worth it. This time the buns were proofing in the pan right when I had to leave to pick up Sacha from school and go to swimming lessons with all three kids. My plan was to leave them just a little longer than prescribed and bake them when we got home. When I got home, I could smell cooked cinnamon buns as I got out of the car. Sarah had decided to surprise me and bake them for me. It was a nice thought. But she was still legally impaired as she had been under anesthesia just that morning. So she slept through the oven timer buzzing. And then some. An hour and a half AFTER they were due out of the oven, she woke up to a dozen charcoal briquettes. Fail number one.
Then Saturday night, I decided to try again. The kids had been at Carnaval all day with me and passed out early as a result. So I had some time and planned on doing the first stage of the process and then retarding them in the fridge over night. Well, ten minutes into kneading, Sacha woke up with a ridiculous fever and I ended up at the hospital until ten. When I got home, I finished kneading the dough and then put them in the fridge even though that is not the point in the process in which they are supposed to go in the fridge Then this morning both Sacha and Sarah had to return to the hospital so while I looked after the other two I tried to finish my cinnamon buns, which I did, but slowly.

So now, I present to you a new take on an old classic, what I have dubbed the 72 hour cinnamon bun!

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