Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Years Resolutions

I've never done them. Ever. They don't work. I work in retail pharmacy, an industry that arguably is the only one to see higher sales in January than in December. We have so many people buying vitamins, minerals, herbals, detox kits, weight loss pills, etc. to realize New Years Resolutions. The sad thing about New Years Resolutions is that the majority of them crash and burn. Weight loss is the most common of course. The first Weight Watchers meeting after January 1 is standing room only. In obesity treatment circles we say that a diet consists of the least amount of calories and most exercise that a patient can tolerate. A healthy lifestyle is the least amount of calories and most exercise a patient can enjoy. That is, there is no point making any lifestyle change unless it is something you can continue forever. Going to the gym 5 times per week at 6:00 am is not likely to be one of those unless you are a fitness buff to begin with. So this year, do yourself a favor. Don't make any New Years Resolutions. Instead, aim to make small, sustainable changes in your life every day of the year that will accumulate into a healthier you by next December.

In the meantime, if you're feeling like some self-masochistic exercise, I dare you to do this workout and not feel like you want to die at the end. (Yes, the freeze frame is purposefully provocative.)

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