Sunday, November 14, 2010


My wife spent the weekend in Edmonton having a little time with her sisters before baby #3 comes along. She brought home a sticker book for Sacha filled with dinosaur stickers and tons of facts about dinosaurs. It states a fact about a dinosaur and then has an outline of the sticker you need to place there. While going through the book with him, he made so many astute observations I just had to share them. Keep in mind this boy is only 4 years old.

1. Book-"Dinosaur X was a speedy carnivore and hunted its prey at night."
Sacha-"Oh, cool. That means he is nocturnal."

2. Book-Showed various dinosaurs and where they were first discovered. They showed one dinosaur that was discovered in Argentina.
Sacha-"Oh, yeah, just like the Argentinosaurus."

3. Book-Shows a picture of a velociraptor a la Jurassic Park, that is, hard scaly features, not feathers. Paleontological evidence proves that velociraptors had feathers because arm bones have been found of them with quill knobs in the bone. Sacha has learned about velociraptor feathers on his favorite show, which is also highly educational, Dinosaur Train, on PBS.
Sacha-"Hey, that picture is wrong. That velociraptor has got no feathers."

4. Book-Shows a veritable cornucopia of pterosaurs.
Sacha-Pointing to one of the smallest picture on a page of probably 30 different pterosaurs says, "Hey, there's a peteinosaurus." And he was right.

5. Book-Shows a picture of an archaeopteryx.
Me-"Do you remember what 'archaeopteryx' means?"
Sacha-Somewhat incredulous that I had the nerve to ask. "Uh yeah, it means 'old wing'."

6. Book-Shows a picture of a pterosaur flying low to the ground and says "Pterosaurs had to be careful not to be eaten by spinosaurus."
Sacha-"Daddy, but spinosaurus eats fish."
Daddy-"Well, maybe they ate birds too."
Sacha-"No. Pterosaurs aren't birds. They aren't dinosaurs either. They're just pterosaurs."
And he's right. They were flying reptiles, not birds, not dinosaurs. Silly daddy.

The kids knows more about dinosaurs than me.

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