Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weight update

I weighed in at Weight Watchers on Thursday. Came in at 174. That means I'm 5 lbs down in 2 weeks. Not too bad for being half crippled the whole time because of my knee surgery. The thing that's been quite welcome is I haven't felt like I've been depriving myself and I haven't been too obsessively tracking things. Just not getting out of hand if I slip. Seems to be working okay right now. We'll see what two weeks from now brings. For information sake, I have posted two pictures below, and will continue to take pictures at each weigh in to chart my progress. I also took some shirtless pictures but those shall remain on my computer only! The picture on the left will always be from last Thanksgiving. I was at 158 lbs then, my slimmest in 10 years. The picture on the right will be right after the most recent weigh in. Keep wishing me luck!

PS-I'm going to kick my wife's butt for not telling me my glasses were insanely crooked in the current shot. Whatever. I don't have the energy to walk upstairs and take another picture.

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Stephanie said...

Ha! Your glasses do look hilarious.