Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A future virologist?

My 3-year old, Sacha, setup his line of Mega Block trucks and asked that I read them the "poop book", otherwise known as an animated book of anatomy that he has an abnormal affinity for given that he is a young toddler.

The day before we had been looking at illustrated representations of various viruses like the cold virus and the human papilloma virus that causes warts. We had a short discussion about why HPV has spikes (I'm not so sure it does, but the drawing did!)

So while reading the "poop book" to his coterie of trucks we came across the article for warts, where the HPV picture was duplicated. He shouted out, "Hey, it's a viwus!" If that wasn't surprising enough, I thought I'd test him and asked him if he knew WHICH virus it was.

"Yeah, dat is da papiwoma viwus."

The kid never ceases to amaze me.


Krista said...

I didn't know Sacha's daddy had a blog... :)
I love what kids say! Unfortunately we have to put clortrimozole on our little guys toes so he knows how to say that now...

Stephanie Gour said...

A science nerd already! I'm so proud....*sniff*