Tuesday, August 18, 2009


After many years of trying, rugby has finally scored a spot in the Olympics! Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge rugby fan. For years I have been unable to understand why rugby was not an Olympic sport. Now the International Olympic Committee board has recommended rugby, as well as golf, for inclusion in the summer Olympics, starting with the 2016 summer games. Even though it is 7 years off, I couldn't be more excited. The rugby I watch is called rugby union and includes 15 players a side. The version approved for Olympics is a pared down version known as rugby 7s, meaning there are only 7 players a side. Although not as elegant, for a global audience that may not be familiar with the sport, 15 a side rugby can be a little confusing and sometimes slows down. 7s is relentless in its pace, involves a lot of fast running and hard hitting, and has shorter games. I'm just happy it's in.

And my bro will be tickled pink that golf is in too. Word has it Tiger is already chompin' at the bit.

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