Sunday, June 21, 2009

The brilliant ramblings of a 3-year old

Sacha's not quite 3, but will be in 2 months and for all intents and purposes acts like a 3 year old already. Since he talks almost incessantly now, I thought I'd share with you some of the doozies he served up this weekend.

1. We were in Grande Prairie this weekend taking my car in to get fixed. While waiting for Sarah to come pick us up from the hair salon we walked over to Wholesale Sports, an outdoor enthusiasts dream. Although I am not an outdoor enthusiast, I do enjoy looking at fishing lures the size of my father. And of course, Sacha thought it was great, what with all the animal heads on the wall. Then he saw something he didn't quite understand: a bearskin rug.

Sacha: "What dat ting? What dat bear?" Daddy: "That's a bearskin rug." S: "A tapis? (French for rug) D: "Yes, a tapis." S: "Why it a bear?"

And so ensued a long drawn out conversation about the concept of hunting, why people hunt, and why people turn bears into rugs. I wasn't sure the whole discussion really sunk in, but then nothing really escapes this kid. So today we were playing and he brought out his little gun that whirs and shoots little foam discs out of it. He walks up to me with a devilish little look on his face, points the gun at me and says, "Hee hee, me turn you into tapis!" and then shoots me. Brilliant.

2. After finishing at his Memere's house where we had Father's Day supper, Sacha went to say goodbye to her, gave her a big hug and said, "Tank you fow fadder's day, memere".

3. When we got home I asked Sacha to tell his mommy what he told Memere when he said goodbye. His response? "I tell memere, tank you fow fadder's day, cause i powite." Classic.

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Talia said...

A dutch-skin rug?