Monday, December 1, 2008

Political mayhem

If you haven't read about this yet you should! Here's the article. Basically, after the Conservatives presented their economic update, the opposition was furious both with what it did contain and that which it did not. So the Liberals and the NDP have signed an agreement to form a coalition with Stephane Dion as Prime Minister until a new Liberal leader is chosen. The Bloc Quebecois have agreed to give the coalition their support for at least 18 months. So the Opposition plans to vote against the economic update on December 8 and have asked Governor General Michaelle Jean to then allow them to try and govern. Precedent and constitutional law apparently lean toward the GG having to allow this if Harper's Conservatives lose the vote. However, most suspect that Harper is just going to prorogue Parliament. This means he will basically shut down Parliament without debate and not reopen it until January. I'm in the process of finding out why the Canadian system allows him to do this without support of the House. Crazy stuff!

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