Saturday, July 28, 2007

Little drummer boy

It seems my tactic to play my music for Sacha while he was in the womb has paid off. Allow me to explain.

I am a huge drumming fan. I do not own a drum kit. I have never played on one for more than twenty minutes. I have never had any education on drumming techniques. But the music I listen to attests to my love for rhythm.

I love all percussive rhythm. I particularly enjoy anything with a tribal feel to it like the drumming of Igor Cavalera. I appreciate the classics like Keith Moon and Neil Peart, but they are not my favorite. I am an avid metal drumming fan. I love the long continuous strings of double bass, the unpredictable timing shifts, the ingenious cymbal play, the tom rolls. Besides Raymond Herrera and Cavalera, my favorite drummers include Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Mike Justian of Unearth, Matt Greiner of August Burns Red, Brent Duckett of Becoming the Archetype, and Andy Herrick of Chimaira

I find absolutely nothing wrong with metal. It is not evil nor satanic as some claim. There is a great deal of talent and the musical complexity is astounding, if you can only take the time to appreciate it.

Well, apparently Sacha appreciates it (although my wife remains a holdout). Tonight I was cooking dinner (I made fish molee, a traditional Indian dish, with fragrant rice and broccoli). I love to listen to music while I cook, and Sarah allows me to listen to whatever I want as I am preparing dinner.

Sarah was feeding Sacha while I cooked. During a steady rhythmic segment of an August Burns Red song, Sacha started moving his hand in perfect rhythm with the cymbal hits on the song. He was even aiming his hand in the direction in which one would think the cymbal may be. It was so uncanny that all Sarah and I could do was burst out laughing!

Apparently all of my air drumming sessions during Sarah’s pregnancy were visible in Sacha’s comfy abode. He’s got rhythm baby!

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